What Weeds to Look Out for in Summertime

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Many weeds in your garden and surrounding environments are pests and can damage your environment and health. That’s why it’s important to identify and get rid of them. We show you how with some common summer weeds.

Dangerous Weeds

Many types of weeds cause asthma and hay fever. Other types of weeds invade gardens and lawns, along with native bushland. Like a virus, they spread and look terrible, requiring time to deal with. In addition, some weeds can be dangerous for pets, matting their fur and causing severe medical problems if ingested.

Weed Alert: Common Summer Weeds to Watch

The following are four common summer weeds found in Australia that you should look out for and take proper measures to eliminate.

Bindii (jo-jo)

Bindii has to be the most annoying weed due to the pain it causes to your bare feet when you step on it. It is a low growing weed with a flower at its centre. When it matures, the flower produces a prickly seed pod that you want to keep your hands far away from. This weed is mostly prevalent in lawns across Australia.

How to Eradicate Bindii Weeds

Remove the bindii by hand or use a herbicide, preferably in winter or early autumn before the plant sets seed. It is much easier to manage if tended to early.

Creeping Oxalis

Creeping Oxalis has small, light green, heart-shaped leaves that resemble a clover. Its flowers are bright yellow and have five petals that are small, measuring around 3-4mm in diameter.

How to Eradicate Creeping Oxalis

You can hand-remove these small plants, or dig out small sections. Herbicides like All Purpose Weed Control are recommended for larger infestations.


As its name suggests, Crowsfoot has a 5 spiked flower which is similar in appearance to the foot of a crow. Also known as crabgrass, this summer weed grows in easy-to-identify tufts, and stays fairly flat to the ground.

How to Eradicate Crowsfoot

You can hand remove this weed, but make sure when doing so that you carefully remove the entire plant and don’t spread the seeds. If they the seeds spread, it just will spread the weed. You can also use various herbicides kill ths.

White Clover

This has a clover shape with trifoliate green leaves that have distinct circular markings. The plant has thin stems with small, white ball-like flowers. You might find four-leafed stems but unlike the true clover, it’s rarely lucky. In fact, it’s quite unlucky with its fast destruction of native plants.

How to Eradicate White Clover

Like the above weeds, it can be hand removed or poisoned with herbicide. In addition, clover hates nitrogen which is commonly found in lawn fertiliser.

Quick Note on Herbicides

Read the label on herbicides before applying any to your lawn, as many herbicides will kill your lawn.

Expert Weed Control

For major weed infestations, you must get professional pest management that can arrange proper treatment targeted at specific weed species. Contact AGJ Pest Management today to find out more.

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