Prevent Possums From Getting Into Your Roof In The First Place

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Possums may look cute, but in reality they can wreak havoc on your property. They are plentiful in Australia, being a native marsupial related to the kangaroo. Learn what you can do to help prevent them from getting into your roof in the first place.

Common Problems Caused by Possums

Although possums pose no real danger to you or your family, they are well known to cause the following problems:

  • Damage to your roof cavity
  • Noise during the night disrupting sleep
  • Urine stains in ceilings
  • Odours in ceilings (often from dead possums or their waste)

Protected by the Law

You should be aware that under Australian law, possums are protected as they are native animals. They are not considered pests. Under the law you cannot harm or kill them and you must follow a specific protocol for discouraging them from your home. If you ignore these rules, you are faced with hefty fines and possible jail time.

Possum-Proof Your Property

Follow these prevention tips to possum-proof your property (home and business). You may still get possums, but these preventions will greatly reduce the odds.

Block Off Access Points

You can use timber or chicken mesh to block off the access points to your roof and stop possums entering. In addition, place a light in your roof cavity and keep it switched on for a few days to deter possums. Being nocturnal creatures, they hate any form of light.

Garlic and Chilli Sprays

There are some who question their effectiveness but there is no harm in giving them a go.  These sprays are available commercially or you can make them at home. Spray on and near the possum affected areas. Remember, you must keep reapplying the formula, as they can wear off.

Keep Food Scraps Out of Reach

As with other creatures and pests, possums will get attracted to food scraps lying around, including any pet food which is within easy reach.


These alarms are specifically designed to track possum activity, and are sensitive to any motion. The minute they sense movement they are designed to either emit a flashlight on the intruder/s or trigger a high-frequency sound. This can either scare possums away or cause discomfort where they evacuate your property.

Electric Fencing

Although it sounds dangerous, rest assured that electric fencing isn’t. Rather it will just deter possums through a slight vibration it gives off when possums come into contact. It can be installed on your roof’s edges. It seems to be the most successful option, however keep in mind it is not the most budget-friendly.

Use of CDs and Other Shiny Objects

Since possums are nocturnal creatures, they avoid light as much as possible. Anything shiny like CDs reflects light, which is a deterrent. Place a couple of CDs on the ground near where a possum has a nest. It’s a great way of putting your old CDs to practical use.

Hopefully, with our tips, possums will stay away from your roof for good. To learn more about keeping possums and pests away, contact our friendly experts at AGJ Pest Management in Brisbane.

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