Termite Control

AGJ Pest Management specializes in termite solutions for both residential and commercial properties, offering services such as termite inspection reports, effective termite infestation treatments, proactive measures against termite attacks, and expert pad and slab termite treatments.

Professional Termite Inspections

A professional termite inspection is a thorough, visual inspection of every accessible area of your home and property to quantify previous termite activity or damage and detect any current termite activity. The interior and exterior of the home or building, accessible sub-floor areas, roof voids or cavities, outbuildings, sheds, fence lines and yard are all inspected thoroughly.

Because termites cause untold damage across Queensland every year, it is imperative that an annual inspection becomes and remains a priority for your family. Termite damage is not covered by most insurers in Queensland as termites are considered treatable and preventable.

Even if you have a termite barrier, reticulation or any other termite prevention method installed, it is still important to have an annual termite inspection. Regular inspections allow early detection and treatment so remedial actions can be taken, saving potential future costs and giving you peace of mind.

Termite Control Services

Termite control is an absolute must in Queensland. Industry and CSIRO studies indicate that 30% of homes will suffer an attack and/or damage by termites during the lifetime of the home. Termites can do extraordinary amounts of damage in a short time, sometimes destroying roof, wall, and floor timbers within 12 weeks or less!

Risk levels increase exponentially as the property ages, depending on the location and state of the premises. To add insult to injury, termites are also serious risks to buildings affected by wet season rains and storms. These buildings may come under attack by termites exploiting weak spots and damaged areas.

New buildings aren’t safe, either. Unfortunately, there have been instances of severe damage occurring soon after the completion of new builds. This happens when the appropriate preventative measures have not been implemented during construction.

Termites are endemic pests and they can spread rapidly throughout a suburb, damaging many homes. That’s why it’s best that every household receives regular termite inspections and keeps their termite control measures up-to-date and effective.

Termite Inspection is Crucial

Our annual pest maintenance program includes an inspection by a fully qualified and licensed technician to all accessible areas, including:

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a new home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make, so ensuring the proposed property is pest free is of the utmost importance. You won’t run the risk of purchasing a home with major pest damage when you place your trust in the experts. This is a good way of protecting the safety of your family members and the value of your investment.

At AGJ Pest Management, our pest inspections are carried out by experienced, fully-accredited and licensed technicians who are trained in carrying out pest inspections.

Our pre-purchase inspection protocol meets the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. The outcome of the inspection will be detailed in a report and forwarded to the purchaser and/or the settlement agent. If no visual evidence of live termite activity is found, a clearance certificate will be issued on completion.

Let AGJ Pest Management give you the confidence to purchase your new home.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

All new homes, buildings and extensions require termite treatment barriers and pad sprays during the construction process. Our qualified technicians are accredited in the use of multiple termite management systems to protect your build. All installations and treatments comply with council regulations and Australian standards and may include the following:

  • Chemical soil spray under slabs and to perimeters with boundary wall termite barriers
  • Chemical soil barrier under slabs with termite collars and termite retreatment to perimeters
  • Termite management systems to external perimeters with permanent protection to plumbing penetrations
  • A sustainable termite management system protecting internal and external penetrations and perimeters

Chemical Termite Barrier

The chemical termite barrier has a proven track record as the most effective method of termite protection which, unlike non-chemical treatments, provides a contiguous and total barrier of protection for the entire home.

A chemical termite barrier is applied as follows:

  • We will inject termiticide around the perimeter of the home or building at approximately 20cm intervals, creating a barrier.
  • Concrete areas will be drilled about 10cm from the cavity wall.
  • Paved and brick areas are also drilled, primarily through the joins.
  • Termiticide is injected into the holes and plugged.
  • We trench any garden beds and sandy areas against cavity walls and treat with termiticide.
  • Fences, window and door frames, garden sheds, patios, pergolas, letter boxes, down pipes, under eaves, rubbish bins and barbecue areas are all thoroughly treated.
  • Any accessible wooden sub-floor areas are treated.
  • The interior of the home will be inspected and treated, including skirting boards, vanity areas, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, linen and built-in cupboards.
  • All carpeted floors in the home will be treated for general pests.
  • Where access is viable, roof voids will be inspected for termites and treated for general pests upon request.
  • Upon request, a complete termite report is issued once all treatments are finished.
  • All chemical termite barrier treatments include a free general pest treatment.
  • We guarantee the chemical termite barrier treatment for 5 years, provided the yearly maintenance program is adhered to.

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