Bird Mite Control

Bird mites are often found in the warmer regions of the world, making Queensland a major breeding ground for infestations. Bird mites are very mobile, almost microscopic, semi-transparent and oval in shape. AGJ Pest Management can show you how to get rid of mites in your Brisbane home or business.

The Facts about Bird Mites

Birds mites are typically associated with humid conditions and are most active during spring and summer. They may move into living spaces in houses, searching bedding and walls for a source of blood. Humans can be exposed to bird mites when young birds leave the nest and the mite no longer has a host to feed off.

Bird mites:

  • Survive by feeding on the blood of birds
  • Thrive in bird nests
  • Increase their numbers rapidly
  • Generally die within 3 weeks if they have no host

Bites from bird mites cause severe irritation to humans, including itching, swelling and raised spots. These bites cause discomfort and may result in secondary infections from scratching.

How to Get Rid of Mites

The first step in bird mite control is properly identifying them. The second step is finding and removing bird nests. Once the mites have lost their major food source, AGJ Pest Management can treat the area with an approved insecticide, ending their breeding cycle.

It’s important to maintain your home or business so the mites have fewer access points. Repairing broken tiles and blocking openings may decrease your likelihood of future infestations.

Call AGJ Pest Management for Mite Control

If you’d rather not live your life applying insect repellent and anti-itch creams, speak to AGJ Pest Management in Brisbane. We will find and eradicate your bird mite infestations, offering useful advice on avoiding the issue in the future. For a free, no-obligation quote, call 04 2153 3002 or fill out our online contact form.

What AGJ Will Do for You

When you first discover a pest problem, it’s time to be proactive and call AGJ Pest Management in North Lakes, Strathpine, or Northside Brisbane. We can create an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure none of your properties face infestations in the future. Ignoring the signs of a problem can lead to an explosive population of bugs and rodents.

To organize an inspection or extermination, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 04 2153 3002 or contact AGJ online. Fill out our contact form or call us for a no-obligation quote in Brisbane.