Flea control

Has a flea infestation got everyone scratching? If you’re struggling with a flea infestation that you can’t get rid of, there’s no need to worry as AGJ Pest Management provides fast and efficient flea pest control across Brisbane Northside and Southside, Redland Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

Flea infestations aren’t only very uncomfortable and difficult to control in any environment, but they also seem to come from nowhere and spread like wildfire. What’s more, as generic supermarket pet flea & tick control products are rarely effective enough to rid a home of a flea infestation, it may seem impossible to get rid of fleas from interior areas and you may worry that you’ll never be able to use your furniture ever again.

Fortunately, flea infestations can be effectively treated with the right pest control treatment by a fully qualified and licensed pest control professional. If you have a flea problem in your house, no matter how extensive and serious the problem may seem, we can help.

What Flea Pest Control Services Do You Offer?

At AGJ Pest Management, we offer a complete range of flea pest control services to handle all flea infestations, including both residential and commercial flea control services, and we also offer end-of-lease flea pest control services to help you meet your obligations when ending a lease. Our treatments are safe and won’t harm your family or pets, however, your family and your pets should keep away from the treated areas until they’re completely dry.

What Can I Do to Help?

There are a few things that you can do to help make the flea control treatment as effective as possible:

  • Vacuum carpets and all areas which will be treated with the flea control treatment.
  • Treat your pets with a suitable pet flea & tick control product (before and after).
  • Dispose of all old pet bedding and wash any bedding you’ll keep in hot water.

Choose AGJ Pest Management for Reliable Flea Control Services

Need reliable flea control services? AGJ Pest Management offers dependable flea control services in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Call 04 2153 3002 or get a free quote online.

What AGJ Will Do for You

When you first discover a pest problem, it’s time to be proactive and call AGJ Pest Management in North Lakes, Strathpine, or Northside Brisbane. We can create an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure none of your properties face infestations in the future. Ignoring the signs of a problem can lead to an explosive population of bugs and rodents.

To organize an inspection or extermination, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 04 2153 3002 or contact AGJ online. Fill out our contact form or call us for a no-obligation quote in Brisbane.