Residential Pest Control

At AGJ Pest Management, we understand that every home needs protection so that your loved ones can enjoy the peace of mind that safety brings. Our mission is to be a part of that strategy. We bring years of experience and state-of-the-art residential pest control technologies to the public to protect your home now and into the future. Pests transmit innumerable bacterial diseases to human beings; gastrointestinal disorders, typhoid, dysentery, asthma, high fever, skin infections, respiratory diseases, skin inflammation, and other diseases that are the result of pest breeding.

If you want to protect your loved ones from diseases caused by the infestation of pests and cease the damage done to your property and possessions, then let us help you to achieve that goal with our team of professionals.

General Exterior Pest Treatment

We treat fences, garden sheds, pergolas, patios, window frames, door frames, downpipes, under eaves, letterboxes, rubbish bins, barbecue areas and more. With a special insecticide, we will spray the perimeter of your home and prevent pests from making their way indoors.

General Interior Pest Treatment

We will bait the roof void for mice and rats, and we dust the roof void for silverfish, spiders, ants and more. We will treat underneath your bathroom and kitchen sinks with cockroach gel, treat behind ovens and fridges, and treat all carpeted areas and skirting board with a special residual pesticide.

Specialist Pest Control Treatment

Depending on the type(s) of pest and infestation locations, we may deploy a range of different pest control and pest prevention methods. Different types of pests require specific treatments and may involve the use of special materials for prevention and control.

Prevention is always better than finding a cure and pest control is no different. To ensure you have a clean and pest-free home, we recommend a yearly pest management program to prevent any reinfestation of the general pests such as ants, rodents, spiders, and cockroaches.

AGJ Pest Management for Residential Pest Control in North Lakes, Strathpine or Northside Brisbane

To create a custom, ongoing solution for pest control, speak to AGJ Pest Management. Fill out our online contact form or call us on 04 2153 3002 for an obligation-free quote.