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Essentials of Termite Barriers

Termite barriers are critically important in Queensland. Termites have been a problem for settlers since Brisbane was founded and they’re still a big problem today. Termite barriers are effective in reducing the risk of termite infestations. They’re also very cost-effective as a way to deliver all-round, ongoing protection.

Termite barriers are used to block termite infestations. They’re used to seal up access points, and even control active termites. The types of termite barriers vary considerably, including physical barriers and/or combined chemical and physical barriers.

Chemically-treated materials and barriers act as either repellents or chemical controls. Slow-acting chemical controls are used to eradicate active termites that come into contact with them.

Termite barriers include:

  • Chemical soil barrier sprays
  • Chemical soil barriers under slabs with termite collars and termite treatment, or retreatment, as required.
  • Termite management to protect access points and vulnerable systems like plumbing access, etc.
  • An ongoing termite management system, designed to protect against penetration from outside or from affected internal areas.

Termite Barriers for Existing Homes

There’s” no one size fits all” type of termite barrier. Barriers must be appropriate for a specific building, the location and on-site issues, and address all potential local risks of termite infestation.

Prevention is the cost-efficient, safe solution for termite management. This type of termite control is on a different level from basic termite eradication. It provides a highly-effective, frontline defence against termites and drastically reduces the risk of infestation. 

Different buildings will have different problems and solutions. Even next-door neighbours may have varying issues, despite being in the same environment. Buildings will inevitably have different access points and on-site factors which affect the choice of termite barrier.

The age of the premises is also a factor, which your termite expert will be able to distinguish and adapt to. Different building materials often play a role in defining the needs for a termite barrier.

AGJ Pest Management
AGJ Pest Management

Termite Barriers for New Construction

All new homes, buildings and extensions require termite treatment barriers and pad sprays during the construction process. All installations and treatments by our professionals comply with council regulations and Australian standards and may include the following:

  • Chemical soil spray under slabs and to perimeters with boundary wall termite barriers
  • Chemical soil barrier under slabs with termite collars and termite retreatment to perimeters
  • Termite management systems to external perimeters with permanent protection to plumbing penetrations
  • A sustainable termite management system protecting internal and external penetrations and perimeters

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