Bee Control

Bees play an essential role in our local ecosystem, but when they nest in or near homes and businesses, they become a health risk, especially to people with allergic reactions. If you have a bee problem at home or work, don’t take any unnecessary chances, call the qualified and licensed pest control technicians at AGJ Pest Management. We provide fast and efficient bumble bee and honey bee pest control services in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Do You Have A Bee Problem?

If you have a honey bee problem in your home or backyard, don’t try to remove the hive yourself as the bees can become aggressive and may attack you, call a professional bee control service like AGT Pest Management to safely remove the hive. Whether the bumble bee or honey bee problem is located inside your home, often in a wall or the roof, or in a tree, fence or structure in the yard, we use proven techniques and specialist equipment to identify the location of bees and their hives, and remove them from your property.

Which Bee Is That?

Southeast Queensland is home to a wide range of bee varieties, with some completely harmless and others causing painful stings in children, adults and pets. Fortunately, bees rarely attack unless they feel threatened, but when they make their home close to yours, the likelihood of normally docile bees feeling endangered and attacking increases greatly. Some of the bees you may need to remove from your home or workplace includes:

  • Yellow and black carpenter bees
  • Green carpenter bees
  • Blue-banded bees
  • Teddy bear bees
  • Leafcutter bees
  • Masked bees
  • Resin bees
  • Reed bees

We offer same-day bee pest control in most areas of Brisbane, Redland Bay and the Sunshine Coast, and have a great reputation for providing an efficient, effective and Queensland Health Department-approved bumble and honey bee pest control service that puts our clients first.

Choose AGJ Pest Management To Remove Problem Bees

Whether it’s at home or at work, rely on AGJ Pest Management for high-quality residential and commercial bee pest control services. Call 04 2153 3002 or use our online form to get your free quote today.

What AGJ Will Do for You

When you first discover a pest problem, it’s time to be proactive and call AGJ Pest Management in North Lakes, Strathpine, or Northside Brisbane. We can create an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure none of your properties face infestations in the future. Ignoring the signs of a problem can lead to an explosive population of bugs and rodents.

To organize an inspection or extermination, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 04 2153 3002 or contact AGJ online. Fill out our contact form or call us for a no-obligation quote in Brisbane.