Bring Fruit Not Fruit Flies Across States in Australia

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If you are traveling between states in Australia and want to bring fruit with you, think again. You might be bringing fruit flies that have hitched a ride in the fruit.

These are major pests for Australia and there are strict rules and regulations that monitor the movement of natural goods between states and within states. Find out more about them in our piece below.

Overview of Quarantine

Australia has some of the strictest quarantine laws in the world. In addition to having strict controls on organic matter that can enter from overseas, Australia has rules and regulations on their movement within the country.

Pests and diseases can travel with you as you visit different areas of Australia. Australia has biosecurity or quarantine zones within each state and territory to limit the spread of pests that are local to that area. Hefty fines and penalties apply if you are caught breaking the quarantine laws.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations regarding the movement of goods including fruit vary between Australian states.

Each state does have in a place an extensive certification process that declares goods safe or unsafe. All major points of entry like airports, docks and road borders have quarantine controls that check goods. If you are travelling from Melbourne to Brisbane and are carrying fruit, you must declare it. Failure to do so can result in hefty penalties. Fruit can contain fruit flies, which are a major pest to Australia.

Stop the Fruit Fly

In place across Australia is a monitoring system for fruit flies aimed at eradication. Although small in size, the damage from fruit flies can be huge. Many fruit flies can infest a variety of commercial and native fruits causing significant damage. The female fruit fly lays eggs in ripening fruit and the maggots that hatch from the eggs burrow into the fruit, destroying it. This can cause millions of dollars of damages to the entire Australian fruit industry. The extent of damage can vary among species.

Queensland Fruit Fly

The Queensland fruit fly is a major pest, with its potential to destroy large amounts of fruit crops. It is native to Australia (subtropical coastal Queensland and northern NSW). However, over the years they have expanded their range and can be found in many other parts of Australia, except Tasmania.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly

Another major pest is the Mediterranean fruit fly, which originates in Sub-Sahara Africa and has been introduced into Western Australia. It is a serious pest for Western Australia, attacking a range of fruits and some vegetables. As a result, Western Australia has strict control protocols in place to stop it spreading into the eastern states.

Check, Comply, Certify

When you travel between or within states in Australia, keep in mind these three C’s: check, comply, certify. Check fruit for potential fruit fly infestation, comply with state regulations, and get it certified to allow entry.

If you suspect your home or orchard has fruit flies, our team at AGJ Pest Management are fully qualified and certified to eradicate them. Contact our team today and let’s find the proper pest solution.

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