Pests to Beware Of

Brisbane is located in a warm temperate region of Australia meaning, it is home to dozens of potentially dangerous pests and animals that all have the capacity to ruin your day. Keep an eye out for these pests and inform your trusted pest control experts should you encounter any of the following:

Brown Snakes 

Brown snakes are not always brown; they can also be grey, black, somewhere in between, or a combination of these colours. They have been responsible for many human deaths and are relatively aggressive compared to most other Australian snakes.

Tiger Snakes 

Tiger snakes are notoriously aggressive and their bites contain powerful venom which can be deadly. Early effects of the venom are double vision, slurred speech and drooling, which couples with extreme muscular pain. Later stage effects include respiratory failure, and in some cases, death.

Death Adders

As the name suggests, a bite from a death adder can lead to eventual death. Watch out for these snakes that lie in wait in fallen vegetation and have an arrow shaped head. The body is widened and is usually marked with a striped skin pattern.

Funnel Web Spiders 

While associated with Sydney, funnel web spiders are common throughout Brisbane, and their bite can cause significant harm and even death in extreme cases.

Fruit Flies 

Fruit flies are tiny flies that, as adults, are about half a centimetre long. They lay eggs in many fruit species and cause significant damage to crops across the continent. If you encounter fruit containing the maggots, do not dispose of them. You may ordinarily dispose of fallen fruit, whether that be via compost or landfill, and the flies will still mature and probably spread. If you have found fruit flies in your fruit, you should freeze the fruit for several days before disposing of in a sealed plastic bag to prevent their spread.


Termites are remarkably common across Queensland and they have a number of fascinating behaviours which contribute to their pest status among humans. Termites never sleep and can destroy structural timbers without making their presence known as they eat wood from the inside out. If you suspect your home to be infected with termites, the best thing you can do is organise a professional inspection as soon as possible. It is also worth noting that there are a number of pre-treatments available for homes and commercial properties that will deter termite infestation. Even with these treatments, it is important to organise regular inspections, as, by the time you may notice an infestation, chances are they have spread considerably, and it will be a much bigger job to get rid of them and repair the damage they may have done.

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