Pest Control Myths

Many people hold onto notions that are false, and pest control is one area where these sorts of stories fester. How often have you heard someone say they have a pest problem when they should just clean better or use a particular tactic to clear up the infestation? These suggestions aren’t based on fact, so we will unravel some of these myths to put you on the path to effective solutions.

Clean Homes Cannot Host Pests

Unfortunately, pests will live anywhere they can get access to food and water. In Australia, cockroaches can meet all of their survival requirements in backyards and under houses, so removing the possibility of them moving into your house is almost impossible. What’s more, bed bugs will happily live in houses provided they can feast on humans regularly. Even hotels have to deal with regular bed bug infestations.

Rodents are Filthy Creatures

In reality, these small animals are actual fastidious about cleaning themselves. They only become filthy when they are living in filthy environments, although they can act as vectors for disease in any environment and may be carrying fleas.

Cheese is the Best Bait for Rodents

Rats and mice like cheese as much as the next pest, but there are other foods they will go for first, particularly sweet and salty foods such as peanut butter and greasy scraps of meat. As scavengers, they will eat almost anything they can get their tiny claws on, so the first step to take if you are going to bait them is to cut off their access to all other foods before you lay the traps so they are hungry.

If You Can’t See Them, They’re Not There

Termites are a stellar example of why this is a myth. While a seriously developed termite infestation creates signs, most termite infections are completely hidden from view. This is mostly due to the overwhelming preference of termites to live in cool, moist tubes. Termites will even actively repair holes leading to their lairs to protect themselves by preserving this internal environment.

Everything I Need to Combat Pests is at the Supermarket 

This is simply untrue. While there are dozens of off-the-shelf products available, they are far from the complete array available to pest control experts. This is due to strong consumer protection laws that limit the sale of dangerous and sometimes toxic chemicals. It is just one more reason why sometimes the best and only thing to do with a pest control problem is to organise a professional inspection.

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