Why Do Mosquitos Prefer to Bite Some People Over Others?

Being bitten by mosquitos is a phenomenon experienced both anecdotally and scientifically with dozens of tested hypotheses. Thankfully over time, a series of explanations have arisen with varying levels of scientific proof, but unfortunately, none of these have led to definitive solutions to getting bitten. Even the strongest of insect repellents on the market have eventually become ineffective, although research is ongoing to find newer and more effective repellents. In this article, we will cover some of the discovered reasons and explain some simple steps to reduce mosquito numbers around the home.

Blood Type

One explanation for the variance in bites between people is tied to the reason mosquitos bite in the first place: to suck our blood. It has been shown experimentally that people with the O blood type are bitten around twice as much as people with an A blood type, and people with type B blood are somewhere in between. Additionally, around 85% of people secrete chemicals through their skin that indicate blood type. These people are more attractive to mosquitos than the 15% who do not.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is expelled from all animals as a result of cellular respiration. It is a key indicator of animal life and something that mosquitos have been shown to have chemical receptors for detecting. Because most mosquitos snack on a variety of animals, from rodents to elephants, this makes sense, but is also a contributing factor as to why some people are more commonly targeted than others. Metabolic rates differ from human to human, meaning some people are exhaling more carbon dioxide than others. This is one reason that pregnant women are targeted more than those who aren’t pregnant. It is also a reason why those who typically run a bit hotter or who have been exercising are popular targets.


One study has even found evidence that drinking a single beer increases your popularity to mosquitos, and this could also be due to the large volume of carbon dioxide dissolved in beer to make it fizzy that is readily expunged through subsequent breaths and, indeed, by burping.

How to Reduce Mosquito Populations Locally 

Mosquitos rely on stagnant water to breed. Even a couple of centimetres, if left undisturbed for more than a week, can see eggs hatch and mosquitos flying about looking for a feed. To combat this, do everything you can to prevent stagnant water accumulating on your property. If you have a dog bowl, tip it out frequently and fill it up again. Get rid of old tyres lying around your yard, develop drainage solutions for natural pools, and if you are living in a suburban environment, share these tips with your neighbours too.

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