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Wasp Control

Wasp Control

Wasp stings aren’t only extremely painful — they can be life-threatening to people with allergies and can cause serious distress in children. Fortunately, wasp nest problems in the house, outdoors or workplace can be treated with professional wasp control services provided by the fully qualified and licenced pest control technicians at AGJ Pest Management. Whether the wasp nest is indoors or out, we use the safest wasp control equipment and treatment methods to remove wasps from your home or place of business.

Which Wasp Is That?

Here in sunny Southeast Queensland, homeowners may experience wasp nest problems with several different wasp species, not all of which are aggressive and dangerous. Some, like the tree brown paper wasp, are harmless and highly beneficial to the environment and can make your garden more pleasant by controlling other common garden pests.

Other wasps, like the common wasp or European wasp, are often aggressive around their nests, so definitely don’t disturb them or damage the nest — these wasp infestations should be removed with safe and proven techniques, so you don’t risk getting stung. If there’s a wasp problem in your house or backyard, contact the wasp control specialists at AGJ Pest Management. Along with reliable wasp pest control services, we can also assist with the safe and efficient removal of problem bee populations from your home or workplace as well.

How to Identify Wasp Infestations

Wasp nests are generally easy to spot and they’re likely to be found in your garden, usually on a tree, or on the side of your home, often under the awning or gutter where they seek shelter. Their nests look like a honeycomb and are usually brown in colour, so you should be able to easily identify the nest and avoid it until it’s safely removed by a wasp pest control expert.

Say ‘Goodbye’ To Wasps with AGJ Pest Management Wasp Control Services

AGJ Pest Management is Queensland Health Department approved and offers reliable wasp control services for home and business owners in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Call 07 3171 8277 or use our online form for a free quote.