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Pest Inspection

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Pest Inspection Essentials

In Queensland, we have an extreme range of local pests and invasive species which can cause real trouble for property owners. Pests of all kinds can incur incredibly expensive repairs. It’s smarter to be safe than sorry, without putting yourself seriously out-of-pocket.

Some pests can be dangerous to people, as well as buildings. Fire ants, wasps and other grim “neighbours” can give painful stings, cause severe allergic reactions, and may be particularly dangerous to kids or vulnerable adults. Others, like cockroaches, are unhygienic health hazards. The best practice for property owners is to eradicate these pests ASAP. Don’t wait to be bitten or driven out of your garden; get help, fast.

A regular pest inspection can identify and stop pests before they do major damage.  A pest inspection includes:

  • Thorough inspection of premises for signs of damage or tell-tale indicators of pest infestations: This may include inspections of foundations, structures, and interiors. Older houses, in particular, should be meticulously inspected for possible risks. See the Building Pest Inspection section below for a more detailed description.
  • Inspection of surrounding areas: Your outdoor inspection will locate possible, nearby termites or other risks and advise the best prevention and control strategies.
  • Identification of risks: Homes in Queensland suffer from a combination of pests. You may have ants, termites, wasps and other hazards. The inspection will define the control measures you need to have in place.

Please note: These are just the basics of pest inspection. Every home or commercial premises has its own specific issues which may include one or more types of pests, and/or multiple control methods.

Building Pest Inspection

Building pest inspections are carried out systematically, area by area, to thoroughly cover all types of possible pest infestations. This inspection is a combination of a “checklist approach” and expert observation.

Inspectors also use local knowledge. Some areas may be prone to ant infestations, others to wasps, while all areas are at risk of termites. Pest control experts are familiar with these local issues and know where to look for possible risks.

A building pest inspection will include:

  • A full internal and external inspection
  • Roofing – where pests may gain entry to the premises
  • Structure – to check for damage to critical, structural features
  • Foundations and piles – pests may gain entry through damaged areas
  • Interior spaces like kitchens, food storage, etc.
  • Flooring, especially older timber floors
  • Checking on-site control measures
  • In-house systems, like water, which attract pests
  • Timber, including supports, timber walling, etc.
  • Areas close to possible pest infestations, such as bushland


Older Homes

Some of our beautiful Old Queenslanders have survived a lot, but they are always at risk from termites and other pests. The best practice for inspectors is to carefully examine these old buildings, from top to bottom, for any signs of risk or damage.

New Homes

New modern homes are well-built but pest damage can happen extremely quickly. Building inspections for modern homes will typically include checking control measures. If appropriate control measures aren’t in place from day one, it’s just a matter of time until pest problems occur.  Termite control, in particular, is critically important. Termites can devastate a new home very quickly so don’t delay; get your termite control measures put in ASAP.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

A pre-purchase pest inspection can save you a lot of money upfront. These inspections have always been popular among professional investors to assess risks and accurately value properties before purchase. Pre-purchase pest inspections are now very common in the mainstream property market and are recommended by purchasers’ solicitors.

The basic issues for pre-purchase pest inspections are:

  1. Assessment of pest damage: This is a major cost factor for purchasers. Some properties may have termite damage, for example, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix.
  2. Checking for signs of infestations: New infestations may not have had time to do much visible damage but pests must be located and identified for proper control.
  3. Risk assessment: The risk factors include local pests, building location, type of premises, building structure, adequacy of pest control on-site, and potential hazards.

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