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Cockroach Control Solutions

The effective removal of cockroaches requires expert technology and solutions. These critters breed quickly and can withstand extreme conditions which is why AGJ Pest Management knows how to kill cockroaches and prevent them from entering the property in the future.

Health Risks Associated with Cockroaches

Cockroaches survive by finding and consuming human food which can cause serious food contamination issues. They spread bacteria and parasites by defecating and regurgitating on the food they consume. A bacterium called pseudomonas aeruginosa is particularly found in cockroaches and can be transmitted to people. Salmonella can also be spread by cockroaches, causing diseases that range in severity from food poisoning to typhoid.

Another health risk associated with cockroach infestation is allergic reactions, causing and heightening itching, redness and severe asthma attacks. This is because they spread allergens from one point of contact to another.

Cockroach Pest Control

After a complete inspection of your premises, AGJ Pest Management’s technicians will suggest a custom solution for your infestation. We specialise in a range of treatments that will kill and prevent future cockroaches in your home or business.

To prevent an infestation, you need to:

  • Eliminate food sources
  • Implement efficient cleaning techniques
  • De-clutter your space
  • Keep up with maintenance in quieter areas

Cockroach Bait

This is one of the most common methods of cockroach control and is very effective in commercial and residential kitchens, food handling and preparation areas, hotels and hospitals. The bait is placed in strategic areas where cockroaches are known to inhabit.

After the roach has fed, they often return to the nest to defecate. Other cockroaches will consume the waste and be poisoned by the bait, creating a cycle of infection and passing it on to other roaches. This method can successfully exterminate entire colonies.


Fumigation is a more traditional method, using insecticides in gas form to exterminate cockroaches in a confined space. We seal the premises and introduce the gas to destroy the colony – this is typically used in conjunction with baits when the infestation is extreme.

Cockroach fumigation is mainly effective for commercial properties, agriculture and industrial warehouses.

Proactive Cockroach Pest Control for the Future

AGJ Pest Management can help businesses and homeowners by taking active measures to prevent infestations while monitoring for early signs. For a free, no-obligation quote, call 0421 533 002 or fill out our online contact form.