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Beetle Control

Beetle Control

Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Southeast Queensland are home to a wide range of beetles, most of which are harmless and won’t cause any bother, however, some species can be a problem if they make their home in your house or garden. These problematic beetle species include the Queensland pine beetle and the common furniture beetle, both of which can cause significant damage to local trees and property, especially timber homes.

If you notice the signs of a beetle infestation, whether you see beetles regularly indoors or outside, or you’ve noticed signs of damage like holes in trees and wooden structures (fences, sheds, etc.), don’t allow the problem to get worse and put your home and property at further risk, call AGJ Pest Management for professional beetle pest control.

Safe and Effective Beetle Pest Control Treatment

At AGJ Pest Management, our fully qualified and Queensland Health Department-licensed pest control technicians service all areas of Brisbane, Redland Bay and the Sunshine Coast. When you choose us for beetle pest control, expect nothing less than the latest and most effective pest control services which use treatments that are harmful to pests but safe for your family and pets. Your safety and wellbeing are our #1 priority.

Stop Beetles from Coming Back

To remove a problematic beetle infestation and prevent beetles like the Queensland pine beetle from returning to your property, you’ll need to take preventative measures. While beetle pest control can remove the beetle population, if susceptible (untreated, unpainted or unvarnished) timber remains on your property after the treatment, it’s likely the beetles will return. To prevent beetles from coming back and infesting your property after treatment:

  • Seal all untreated and unvarnished timber floors, walls and furniture indoors and out.
  • Remove (or treat) trees that have been seriously affected.
  • Check the areas of infestation regularly post-treatment.

Trusted Beetle Pest Control by AGJ Pest Management

AGJ Pest Management has an excellent track record of removing problem beetle populations from homes and businesses in Brisbane, the Redlands region and the Sunshine Coast. To get a competitive and obligation-free beetle pest control quote, call 07 3171 8277 or contact us online.